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Home » Polar M400 vs Polar A300: Which Fitness Tracker Watch is Better?

Polar M400 vs Polar A300: Which Fitness Tracker Watch is Better?

Polar M400 vs Polar A300

So, the idea of doing sport is obviously to take care of your body and feel great about yourself. Style shouldn’t be important, but we all know that it is. And even if it isn’t, you want to know that the training equipment you use makes you feel positive and confident. Aside from creating smart sports watches that look good, Polar has combined advanced technology and comfort.

Today, we will be looking at the Polar M400 vs Polar A300. We will consider their design, sports features, and value for money.

There are a good number of similarities between the Polar M400 and the Polar A300, so we will begin here.

Polar M400 vs Polar A300 – Similarities

Quick Glance

Below, we have placed all of the specifications in a comparison chart so you can quickly view the Polar M400 and the Polar A300.

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Tracking Features

The Polar M400 and the Polar A300 allow you to track your workouts without having to take your smartphone with you, making them very convenient options. You can monitor your steps, distance, calories, and sleep. Some of the more advanced features include heart rate monitoring, personal bests, cadence, and recovery status. Other great features include 24-hour activity monitoring and inactivity alerts.

Polar Flow App

The Polar Flow App allows you to view the progress of your physical activities when you are using the Polar M400 and the Polar A300. It will help you to create activity plans and meet your goals. The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later.

Water Resistance

The Polar M400 and the Polar A300 are water-resistant at depths of up to 30 meters.

Value for Money

The price of the Polar M400 and the Polar A300 is very similar and excellent for the features available. They also come with a 2-year limited warranty. Limited is the keyword here as the battery is only covered for 6 months.

Now, we will turn out attention to what sets the Polar M400 and the Polar A300 apart.

Differences Between Polar M400 and Polar A300


In some ways, they look the same, a simple screen with buttons on the side. However, there is still a difference that may matter to some.

Polar A300 review

Polar M400

There is no information about the size of this sports watch. It comes in black, white, or blue.

Polar A300

The overall dimensions are 3 x 3.9 x 4.6 inches. You can also find it in black or white but also in pink. The watch straps are interchangeable so you can choose different straps to suit your mood.

The Winner Is- The Polar A300

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We found that this was what really made the difference between the two sports watches.

Polar A300 review

Polar M400

With built-in GPS, you are able to get much more accurate feedback regarding your workouts. This includes position tracking from anywhere in the world, see your travel movements on a real-time map, and knowing your speed.

Polar A300

There is no GPS with the A300, which will also limit the use of the Polar Flow app.

The Winner Is- The Polar M400

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Smart Notifications

Some people will naturally feel lost without their mobiles, but these sports watches do have a solution for this.

Polar M400 comparison

Polar M400

You will be able to receive smart notifications when using this sports watch.

Polar A300

Not only do you get the notifications, but the smartwatch will also vibrate when you receive them.

The Winner Is- The Polar A300

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Battery Life

The battery rates below will vary on the type of use.

Polar A300 comparison

Polar M400

The battery life is up to 8 hours with the heart rate monitor on.

Polar A300

You can use this watch for up to 26 days with an hour a day in training mode.

The Winner Is- A Tie

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Pros and Cons

For a deeper look at the Polar M400 and the Polar A300, we have also included some pros and cons of the two smart sports watches.

Polar M400

Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch


  • We liked the accuracy of the tracking, especially the heart rate.
  • The GPS connects quite quickly
  • It’s good value for money for the features it has


  • The build quality is rather poor and leads to questionable durability

Polar A300

Polar A300


  • The changeable straps are good fun
  • The screen is clear to read and easy to navigate
  • It’s great for a great range of different activities


  • There are sometimes problems pairing the watch to the heart rate monitor

The Final Verdict

When looking at the Polar A300 we could see more of a fun watch. Being able to change the color of the straps might appeal to some and others will ignore this feature. The vibrating notifications are another feature that the Polar M400 has but again, it will make a difference to some and not to others. While many felt that the screen of the Polar A300 was easy to read, we had to say the same for the M400.

On the other hand, the M400 had some quality issues. This wasn’t to say every watch had flaws, but there is a chance that it won’t last much beyond the two-year limited warranty. Still, the biggest thing to consider is the GPS. Realistically, the whole point of buying a sports watch is to be able to see real-time updates of your achievements. We felt that this was an advantage that far outweighed the differences in other features and made the Polar M400 the overall winner today.