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Home » Worx WG505 vs Worx WG509: Which 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blowers are Better?

Worx WG505 vs Worx WG509: Which 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blowers are Better?

Worx WG505 vs Worx WG509

Come autumn we find ourselves covered in dry leaves. While an idyllic sight, it can be obnoxious to clean up before it clogs up your whole yard. To aid you in solving this problem we will be looking into two yardwork tools from Worx.
These are Worx WG505 and Worx WG509, very practical multi-tools. The following article will revise their specifications and see how they fare in certain categories so we can recommend the best option for clearing out dry leaves.

Worx WG505 vs Worx WG509 – Similarities

Quick Glance

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Collection Bag Capacity

While it can be switched out with other compatible bags your initial one will have a 1.2-bushel capacity. This isn’t much but a different specification makes up for this mutual drawback.

Multi Functionality

The best part of these two tools is that they can act as a blower, mulcher, and vacuum. No matter your need their multi-functional nature will make short work of it.

Worx WG509 Comparison

Airflow Speed

There are two speeds available that you can freely switch between. The high one obtains 210 mph and the low one maintains 80 mph.

Airflow Volume

This dictates how many cubic feet of air you can replace per minute, cfm for short, which in addition to speed determines the power of your blower. The airflow volume of today’s contestants is 350 cfm, a rather standard affair, and should allow you to blow away decent chunks of leaves at once with little to no issue.

Differences Between WORX WG505 and WORX WG509

Mulch ratio

The mulching power of a device and the capacity of its bag result in a mulching ratio. What this means is that the higher your tools mulching power the less space shredded leaves will take in the bags, allowing you to suck up more leaves without emptying the bag.

Worx WG509 review

Worx WG505

At a 16:1 mulch ratio, this multi-functional yard tool will allow you to fill 16 times the capacity of your bag. Metal mulcher makes sure to grind everything down to bits, nullifying the issue of sticks getting stuck inside. These traits will reduce your work time as you won’t have to stop and start your job as often.

Worx WG509

The other model offers an increase in mulch ratio of 18:1. This reduces the number of times you’ll empty your bags even further. Its improved mulcher and engine are to thank, grinding anything that gets inside twice over.
The obvious winner with a straight improvement is WG509.

The Winner: Worx WG509.


Worx WG505

Sporting an angled tube that became a standard for this multi-tool series WG505 is off to a good start. This is an exceptionally useful design trait if you have issues reaching below benches, decks, chairs, stairs or any other piece of yard furniture as well as any tight spaces. At a size of 20 x 15 x 9 inches and 9.5 pounds of weight, it is reasonably lightweight.

Worx WG509

Sharing the angled tube with the other entrant and providing exceptional maneuverability just like WG505. The width of the tube reduces the chances of accidentally clogging it up with a big load of leaves. A weight of 9.3 lbs will allow ease of use, especially because the force of the engine is being forced to the back allowing one-handed use. The aforementioned traits are also present on WG505 so the only firm distinction is slight weight reduction.


Nobody likes being woken up by neighbors so the number of noise devices produce is very important to maintaining a less obnoxious neighborhood. Not to mention your hearing can be damaged by exposing yourself to loud noise for long periods.

Worx WG505 review

Worx WG505

Our first entrant offers 70 dB of noise. Moderately bothersome for neighbors as it will simulate the noise of a busy office at this volume, although working with it for too long may irritate your ears mildly.

Worx WG509

Boasting 50 dB of noise it obtains a more environment-friendly as well as ear-friendly which is preferable in this department.

The Winner: Worx WG 509

Pros and Cons

Worx WG505


  • Lightweight
  • Angled design
  • Good power


  • Low base bag capacity
  • Loud

Worx WG509


  • Lightweight
  • Good mulching power
  • Angled design
  • Quiet


  • Higher price
  • Low base bag capacity

The Final Verdict

Make sure you have got a proper tool for the job next autumn. Be it blowing, mulching, or vacuuming you will have a good go with Worx’s catalog, especially the 500 series. Going through their specifications we saw decent strength being shared by 505 and 509. After power angled design and overall lightweight structure made them even more formidable tools for your needs. The inherent ease of use found on these models is nothing to scoff at either, being able to shift functionality as well as the speed at a single button press. However, after comparing two of their models we can see improvements crop up on 509. Simple changes such as the mulch ratio going up and it being less loud assist it to inch out the opposition.
Next time you are looking for multi-functional yardwork give Worx WG509 a look because it might end up being your next purchase.